About Pat

Patricia was born with cerebral palsy.  The doctor’s diagnosed her at two years old.  Despite the bad news of Cerebral Palsy, her mom discovered Patricia’s psychic gifts at the age of four.  Her grandmother was sick, however the doctors said she was doing better.  Pat, however, felt different even though her grandmother was home from the hospital.  Patricia told her mom, “Grandma is going to die.”  A few days later, Pat’s grandma was rushed back to the hospital and died three days later.

Patricia’s mom decided to develop her daughter’s gift by drawing pictures on paper and having her guess what the images were.  As Patricia got older, more developments took place.

At age 19 Pat took a class in learning how to read the tarot cards with a local reader.  She also started getting bi-weekly readings with a medium who taught her how to read people’s energy and understand the meanings of several images.  This medium was named Dee and she became very fond of Patricia.  The two women developed a close relationship.  Dee encouraged Patricia to use her gift and even traded readings with her.  Dee told Patricia being psychic meant to serve God and help other people. Patricia followed Dee’s advice and started giving readings to friends and family in the early 1990’s.  The two women loved each other. Their relationship sadly ended when Dee died.  The two were friends for ten years.

Patricia has been an educator for 25 years. She has a Master’s degree in Special Education, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, two teaching credentials and certifications in Psychosynthesis.

Despite being given a disability of Cerebral Palsy, Patricia does not let this stop her from accomplishing her goals.  She is very strong minded and does not give up. Pat also has a heart for people and loves being of service. Pat enjoys helping people with their life problems and giving them honest guidance.