Oh my goodness!  Just had the most amazing experiences ever!  Wanted to be in the know about what a medium is.  So, I went to go see one.  Here is what I discovered.  Found out who mediums talk to, to get their information.  Also, what they are like personality wise.  Realized the process is simple, to connect with different spirits.  Became aware too about the difference between a psychic and a medium.  Discovered how a medium is capable of moving or interacting with different objects.  Also, learned the similarities between a clairvoyant and a psychic.  Finally learned a plethora of information about a person who passed away, that I asked about.  She had no way of knowing either because we just met.  Learned amazing facts about what a medium can do and what a medium is.

A medium has a deep-seated talent to talk with spirits, angels, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or God.  They are able to connect and communicate with the other side.  The other side, meaning heaven or others call it “The Beyond”.  The communication comes in the form of visions, images or feelings.  The personality of a medium is very sensitive.  They are very cognizant to others and their surroundings.  Some mediums are able to tune in to the needs and wants of others very quickly.  Thus, being able to help them meet their goals.  Also, they are susceptible to getting their feelings hurt too easily because they are so sensitive.

Mediums can interact with the dead in a very simple way.  There is a process to doing this.  First, it is important to pray and ask for protection from anything evil or harmful.  (Most spirits do not want to harm us.  They just have a message.  However, prayer helps to filter the positive and negative.)   Next, a medium can open their mind and spirit.  Open it to being willing to hear or see the messages they are going to be told.  Next, they are very patient as they have to wait for a message to come upon them.  This will either happen right away or it could take time.  Finally, when and if given a message it has to be believed that it is from the person that passed.

A true medium also has the ability to move or deal with objects.  This one said she could knock things over or blow out light bulbs.  This happens by focusing all your energy on the object, projecting the energy into the object and asking it to move.  She claims blowing out light bulbs happens after an intense reading from all the energy projected or as warning about changes to come.

Now on to the topic of psychics, mediums and clairvoyants.  There is a difference between psychics and mediums but not clairvoyants.  A psychic has a telepathic sense and can communicate with a person’s spirits guides.  A psychic can interpret the past, present, and future of someone’s life using a sixth sense because of their strong intuition.  Clairvoyants is a name given to psychics.  There is not a difference.  Clairvoyants or psychic see images or symbols related to an individual or situation.  These images or symbols can be related to the person’s life.  Sometimes they make sense and sometimes they do not.  Finally, a medium is only able to communicate between those who are alive now and those who have passed on.  Mediums can channel into a person who has passed on.  This channeling is from the person who has passed away and provides them with details and information about the deceased.  A spirit can channel through a medium, thus taking over the person’s body consciously or unconsciously.  Hence, people can be either a medium or a psychic even though the two talents may differ.

When sitting with a medium be prepared to hear information about the person who has moved on to the other side.  You might hear one or two details.  On the contrary you may be given lots of information.  This all depends on the medium’s ability to connect with the person who is deceased.  Another thing someone might expect is to be given a new sense of awareness.  A validation to the awareness of the what you may have been questioning, about what they have been feeling since the person passed away is true.  Hence, the last expectation to be given when sitting with a medium is closure and peace.  Closure in knowing your love one is possibly safe and sound in where they have gone to.  Then peace in awareness, even though our loved one has passed on to a new place they are still able to communicate with us.  They are all around us and that is why we can still feel their presence even after they have passed on.

Going to see a medium gave me some culture into the process of who they are and what it is that they exactly do to connect to the other side.  Mediums are people just like you or I.  However, they have this strong sixth sense which helps them to communicate with the other side or deal with objects.  Mediums have the ability to channel with a person who has passed on, thus providing us with information, peace and closure.  Medium and psychic talents are different.  Mediums can see the past.  Psychics can see the past, present and future.  Clairvoyants and psychics are the same.  Their information is given to them by seeing different things.  The experience was fun.  I learned some brainy information and now I am well-rounded into the world of a medium.